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Level The Playing Field

Today I want to convey the importance of having your RV level.

There are typically two standards to determining just how level is level enough for an RV. First, there is basic comfort, including comfortable sleep, level countertops, and no swaying when you walk from one side of your RV to the other. Second, the level of your RV can impact how well your refrigerator operates.

The primary reason you’ll want to make leveling a habit is to enable the absorption refrigerator to function properly. Without getting into the boring details of how an absorption refrigerator works, just know liquid ammonia flows through a portion of the low-temperature evaporator coils inside the refrigerator, but this process depends on gravity to run smoothly. So, if you operate the fridge off level (especially prolonged use), you could end up with an expensive repair bill. We can do the work here at Drew's RV Techs, but we would rather you not have to deal with that.

Buy a round, button type level and put it in the freezer floor to get accurate reading. This type of level will not only tell you side to side, but also front to back level. NO MORE THAN HALF A BUBBLE OFF LEVEL.

One last thing; most RVs come equipped with sensors that indicate water levels. An uneven tank will undoubtedly give you an incorrect reading. While this issue isn’t as crucial as your refrigeration system, any experienced RVer understands the importance of having an accurate reading of your tanks before you hit the road. Because once on the road, you may not be able to fill or dump your tanks for a while.

"So, this is all great info, But how do I level my RV"?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

There are many useful tools for leveling your RV. First and foremost is ......well......a level.

Most campground sites are pretty level, but don't always trust that.

If you don't have self leveling jacks, or are towing a fifth wheel/travel trailer, don't un-hitch. First do the side to side leveling. You will need leveling blocks or, for a little extra money, I recommend an Anderson Camper leveler. https://youtu.be/b4JQV15VzBc

Once you are level side to side, then unhitch and get level front to back using your tongue jack. An electric jack can make this a breeze.

It may sound intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, it is easy; it is also a very important part of your camping routine.

All of these products can be found at Drew's RV in Ruskin. Come in and see us. We'd love to hear from you and see any of your camping pictures.

Get out and see the world. Happy Camping!!!!


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