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SAFETY TIPS:  Did you know that in the State of Florida you have to be licensed and certified to install or repair any LPG or Propane system(s) on RVs.  WE ARE.  Don't let this happen to you because you used an unlicensed service repair provider work on your gas system.

RV Safety & Education Foundation Pre-Trip Safety Checklist Motorhome Before Every Trip

1. Engine Compartment

-     Fluid levels – oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, any specific fluids i.e. hydraulic

-     Belts – check for cracks or loose fitting - Check for leaks in, around, and under the engine.

-     Check for debris lodged in or around engine components i.e. leaves

-     Check radiator for debris and damaged coils

-     Check all hoses for cracks, leaks, and tight fit

-     Check battery if applicable to engine compartment for fluid, corrosion, and tight connection

- Diesel engines

-     Check air filter indicator

-     Air tank moisture


2. Tires – check cold, 3 hours without usage

-     Sidewall cracks - Tread depth – 4/32 steering tires, 2/32 others

-     Rims/bead for damage

-     Valve stem, cap, and extensions

-     Proper air pressure

3. External Lights

-     Headlights

-     Fog lights

-     Clearance lights

-     Driving lights if applicable

-     Parking lights

-     Turn signals front, back, and side

-     Docking lights

-     Tail lights/brake lights

-     Emergency flashers

-     Reflectors

4. Glass

- Mirrors – check to ensure they are secure, clean, and adjusted properly/working for electric

- Windshield – clean inside and out, check for cracks or rock chips

- Clean all brake lights, turn signals, backup lights, and headlamps

- Windshield wipers – ensure they are working, good blades, and fluid

5. Exterior Walk Around

- Awnings – retracted and locked

- Slides – retracted and secured

Jacks – retracted

- Hookups – disconnected, stowed, and compartment secured

- Compartments – all items stowed, secured, lights off, compartments shut, and locked

- Visual Inspection Under Coach

                  - Check for loose items i.e. lawn chairs

                  - Check for rocks, logs, or large items

                  - Look for any fluid leaks

                  - Check chassis for loose equipment or wiring

- Height – look for any possible obstruction while leaving

- Noises – with the engine running, check for unusual noises

- Shut off propane at the tank

- House Battery – check fluid level, corrosion, and connection

- Electric Step


6. Towed Vehicle

- Tow bar connection – check connection at the motorhome, at the vehicle, and safety chains

- Lights – ensure proper turn signals, brake lights, and emergency flashers

- Tire pressure – ensure proper inflation, sidewall condition, tread depth

- Proper towing procedure – i.e. unit is in neutral, fuses removed etc

- Emergency brake – disengaged

- Auxiliary braking system – unit is operating properly

- Lock the doors


7. Interior Walk Around

- TV antenna – retracted

- Secure all loose items inside the unit

- Close all doors and cabinet drawers

- Verify driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance

- Check First Aid Kits, fire extinguishers, smoke and CO alarms

- Emergency Information – prepare a list of emergency phone numbers, personal information (i.e. contact person, medication, and dosage)

8. Buckle up!

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